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3.9mm 4.5mm WiFi Ear Cleaner Wax Removal Tool Ear Cleaning Camera Otoscope Wireless LED Light Oral Inspection for Android IOS

Type 1: 3.9mm version


1.Our product is a multi-functional intelligent visual ear picking stick, an essential tool for family health, which can not only be used to check the ears and remove earwax, but also check the health of other body parts.

2. This otoscope is equipped with a 3 megapixel HD camera and 6 LED lights, which can provide clear images in any situation, helping you check eardrum and remove the earwax easier.

3. 3.9mm inner diameter and adjustable protective earplugs is smaller, more flexible and safer, making it more convenient to operate and avoiding accidentally hurting the fragile ear canal.

4. Wireless WiFi, five-axis directional gyroscope and 360° rotation can accurately and stably transmit data, helping you know your ears better.

5. The elegant heart-shaped design can avoid slipping your hands to hurt your ears by accident.

* Operation System: compatible with Android / IOS


Material: ABS
Color: black
Size: 1.3*14cm
Weight: 0.016kg/0.049kg
Packing size: 17*6.5*1.8cm
Battery: 250mah lithium battery
Battery life: 60 minutes
Charging time: about 1.5h
Input current: DC 5V 300mA

Packing List:

1* Host
4* Silicone Eartips
1* Silicone earplugs
1* USB Charging Cable
1* User Manual

Type 2: 4.5mm Wireless WiFi Ear Pick Otoscope


1.This wireless intelligent visual earpicka can be used to clearly observe the ear canal, easily clean the earwax without hurting the ear.

2.The high-definition endoscope, high-sensitivity sensor, multiple lens combination, and six LED lights make the inside of the ear canal clear at a glance.

3.Smart APP and WiFi direct connection can provide clear images in any situation, helping you to clean your ears more easily and safely.

4.The multi-axis gyroscope can realize 360° precise ear harvesting without dead angles, which is convenient for you to carry out daily ear cleaning and care.

5.The ultra-fine diameter of 4.5mm, the clip-on fixed ear tip, can easily penetrate into the ear canal without hurting the ear or falling off.


Material: ABS
Color: White, black
Size: 164*68*18mm
Weight: 0.053kg
Packing size: 164*68*18mm
Network standard: IEE802.11b/g/n
Working frequency: 2.4GHz
Image transmission rate: 20fps
Image sensor: CMOS
Working temperature: -10~40℃
Battery: 130mAh
Use: 30 minutes/time
Input current: DC 5V 300mA
Best focal length: 15-20mm
Pixel: Ultra HD camera
Gravity sensor: 3Axis
Connection hotspot: softish-XXX

Packing List:

1* Host
5* Replaceable ear pick
1* USB Charging Cable
1* English User Manual

Type 3: New 3.9mm Version

1.Built-in CMOS sensor and six LED cold light lamps, earwax can be seen at a glance, easy to check and clean the ear canal.

2.The three-axis directional gyroscope can achieve 360° accurate ear picking without dead angle, which is convenient for your daily ear cleaning and care.

3.3.9mm ultra-fine caliber food-grade silicone ear scoops, comfortable and safe to pick ears without hurting your ears.

4.A 5-megapixel high-definition endoscope that provides clear images in any situation to help you clean your ears more easily and safely.
* Support capture image format: JPEG; support recording video format: AVI; visual ear picking support system: Android 4.2 or above and IOS 9.0 or above.

* The WiFi chip is connected to the APP mobile phone for instant visual use time: 70min.

Material: ABS
Color: white
Size: 15mm*147.4mm
Weight: 0.051kg
Packing size: 17*6.5*1.7cm
Camera inner diameter: 3.5mm
LED light: 6pcs
Gravity sensor: 3 axes
Battery capacity: 240mAH
Charging time: about 70 minutes
Use time: about 90 minutes
Waterproof level: IP67

Packing List:
1* host
4* Silicone ear spoons
1* Storage Box
1* type-c charging cable
1* English User Manual
1* Packing Box

Number of Pieces

One Unit


WiFi Ear Cleaner

Brand Name



Mainland China

Item Type

Ear Care


ABS + Aluminum Alloy

Waterproof Rate

IP67(For Lens Only)

Lens Resolution


Lens Diameter


Charging Time

About 1.5 Hours

Viewing Angle



Wireless connected

Feature 1

Ear Wax Removal Tool

Feature 2

for Android & iOS

Feature 3

ear cleaner

Feature 4

health care

Feature 5

ear wax removal tool

Feature 6

ear wax remover

Feature 7

ear cleaner camera

Feature 8

ear cleaner tool

Feature 9

ear cleaner with light

Feature 10

ear cleaner wax removal camera wifi

Feature 11

ear otoscope

Feature 12

ear cleaner

Feature 13

ear inspection camera

Feature 14

wax cleaner

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