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350ML Dropship Organic Fruit Strawberry Papaya Charcoal Lavender Exfolianting Whitening Moisturizing Face and Body ScrubProduct

DescriptionProduct name :Natural Skin Care Body and Face Scrub


Main Ingredient:Dead Sea Salt, Emu oil, Yellow Peach,Raspberry,aloe vera,papaya,Avocado,Strawberry,Olives,honey,almond,coconut

Scrubs with Pleasant Smell, Each Scent with Different Efficacies.

Effect :Hydrating, Moisturizing and ExfoliatingPacka

Raspberry Scrub

Remove away porecl ogging,leave your skin soft glowing and supple

Honey Scrub

This scrub formulated with honey that refreshes, gets absorbed fast, easily removes grease, dirt & aging cuticles, nourishes, unclogs, cleanses and frms skin, leaving it moisturized and fair.

Olive Scrub

Remove dead skin
Clear pores and skin
Improve chicken skin

Papaya Scrub

Mildly cleanses skin, removes cuticles & pore dirt and keeps pores unclogged, leaving the skin firm, delicate and elastic. It evens out, brightens, moisturizes skin and creates a hydrated & bright texture.

Coconut Scrub

Deeply cleanse and revitalize the skin, remove dirt and aging keratin,prevent rough skin, promote metabolism and make skin soft and smooth.

Olive Scrub

Remove dead skin and aging keratin, clear pores and improve chicken skin.Cleans the skin. Leaves skin radiant, smooth and translucent. smooth and elastic.

Strawberry Scrub

Strawberry extract helps remove dead skin cells, cleanses skin, leaves skin soft, delicate, moisturized and helps repair skin.

Aloe Scrub

This scrub is enriched with aloe vera extract, that mildly cleanses skin,removes cuticles & pore dirt and keeps pores unclogged, cleans pores and provides nutrients,hydrates and locks water, soothes and moisturizes skin, improves dryness and dullness, leaving skin delicate, smooth and elastic

Almond Scrub

Almond scrub gently removes dead skir and aged keraty. Effectively removes dirt and dead skir.cells, deepens pores and promotes microcirculation. Leaves skin smoother after use.

Apricot Scrub

Renuvenate your skin naturally by exfoliating uneven rough skin cells andminimizingfine lines.






Mainland China

Item Type

Scrub & Bodys Treatment

product name

fruit face and body scrub


Natural brand



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