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Portable Airbrush


*It is normal for the gun to spray air when it is turned on, not a quality problem.

*This device is a single-action type. When the device is turned on, the spray gun will spray air, but will not spray liquid. You need to pull the paddle down and back to spray liquid.

*This is a single-action model. It is normal for the spray gun to spray air when it is turned on, and the solution will spray only when you pull the paddle down and back.


1.Comprehensive Skin Care. Adopts 150kpa high pressure to effectively clean face, inject oxygen, replenish moisture and import nutrients. It maintains an ideal injecting effect while ensuring no irritation & harm are caused.

2.Fresh Oxygen Injection. The powerful spray it emits can rinse away stubborn dirt, oil and dead skin deep in pores, letting the skin breathe fresh oxygen freely and become bright.

3.Nano Mist Hydration. Water is atomized into ultra-small particles, which are smaller than pores, and can easily penetrate multiple layers to reach deep skin, significantly quenching its thirst.

4.100% Nutrient Import. Facial mask, toner, essence… It can be used to double the absorption of cosmetics and save their required amount. You needs merely a few drops of a liquid cosmetics to finish a whole-face spraying.

5.Makes Your Life Easier. Tattoo, manicure, cake, makeup… As a multifunctional device, it can be used to color whichever thing you want in your daily life, filling it with more joy and convenience.


1.Install the spray gun and the tank.

2.Fill the tank with some water.

3.Rotate the knob to adjust spray volume.

4.Push back the paddle to enjoy.


1.Do not use the product when charging it.

2.To avoid bacterial pollution, it is recommended to clean the product with warm water or alcohol before use.

3.Do not add any cosmetics other than liquid ones. High-concentration product must be diluted with mineral water.

4.To avoid nozzle clogging, every time you finish spraying you should: ①pour out the remaining liquid in the tank; ②add clean water and spray it (until there’s no spray coming out); ③spray air to completely dry the tank.

5.Only use water-soluble pigments, clean in time after each use, otherwise it will be clogged

6.Note: This is a single-action model. It is normal for the spray gun to spray air when it is turned on, and the solution will spray only when you pull the paddle down and back.


Item Type: Oxygen Injector
Color: Gold/Black/Red/Rose
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Rated Power: 7.4V/8-10A
Product Type: Single Action
Air Pressure: ≥150Kpa
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
Battery Capacity: 800mAh
Charging Time: 1 Hour
Using Time: 20-30 Minutes
Weight: 285g
Size: 14.5*11.5*4.5cm/5.7*4.5*1.8in

Product Include

1*Main Machine
1*Spray Gun
3*Water Tank
1*USB Cord

Replacement Spray Gun

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Skin Mouisture,Facial Clean

Power Source

USB Charger

Standard Voltage




Model Number




Brand Name



Mainland China

Number of Pieces

One Unit

Item Type

Portable Airbrush


Airbrush Paint


Airbrush For Nail Art


Airbrush Compressor


Mini Spray Gun


Airbrush Paint Spray Gun


Airbrush Gun,Spray Gun Paint


Airbrush With Compressor


Spray Airbrush Gun


Airbrush Make Up


Face Water Mist


Nano Fog Mist Sprayer

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