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Oxygen Facial machine Performance Description:

oxygen facial machine is Oxygen Glass Facial or Oxygen Dome Therapy, is a hyperbaric anion oxygen system. The revolutionary system turns natural air into pure oxygen of up to 92% and delivers it through the dome-shaped mask in a hyperbaric-like chamber. It generates the amount of anion ( negative anion) by 3 million more than natural production. Anions are vitamins from the air,similar to what you get in a deep forest. They induce and stabilize free radicals which in turn regenerate new cells, rebalance PH levels, improve signs of aging, correct and heal damaged cells.

Oxygen Facial machine Product Function

1.Remove wrinkles, slow down aging
2.Activate cells, recover elasticity
3.Make up water, smooth and whiten skins
4.Remove face flaw, reduce all kinds of speckles
5.Dredge venation, advance circulation, accelerate metabolism
6.Can provide 93% pure oxygen treatment

Oxygen Facial machine Product Specification

Product Name:Oxygen Facial Machine
Product Voltage:AC220V±22V,50Hz±1Hz
Flow Rate:0-5L/min
Sound Level:Less Than 40db
Output Pressure:0.05-0.07Mpa
Sound Level|:Less Than 45db
Warranty:2 years
Package:Carton Box

Why Oxygen Is Good For The Skin?

It is now a fashion era. People value their looks and try to make themselves beautiful and beautiful. Many beauty-loving people go for beauty care, buying various cosmetics, and health products for maintenance and beauty. Life is inseparable from oxygen. The function of oxygen intake has been proven by more and more scientific research. In the rapidly developing modern society, domestic oxygen generators have been very popular and widely used by people. In particular, the price of domestic oxygen generators is also more in line with consumer spending. Can oxygen beauty be? Absorption of oxygen contributes to beauty, which has been proven by more and more scientific research. Inhalation enhances aerobic metabolism of human cells, strengthens skin nutrition, increases elasticity of sagging skin, reduces wrinkles, increases metabolism of skin cells, reduces melanin pigmentation, reduces freckle, and beautifies skin. To improve hair follicle nutrition, promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Not only is the skin smooth after oxygen inhalation, but the whole person is refreshed, and health and beauty are correct.

Please note: Choose the oxygen accessories that suit you according to your needs.

(Note: This link, without accessories, is for a bare unit only。If you want a full set of beauty accessories, you need to consult customer service to order)

1.Oxygen jet : Improve skin glow, nutrient agent get through deep tissue vie pure oxygen and active skin cell.

2.Oxygen Injection : Repair and anti-winkles, nutrient agent get through Dermis layer of skin with pure oxygen.

3.Oxygen Mask : Oxygen supplement, supply pure oxygen to body and face , make skin and body more relaxed.

Also commonly used for scalp treatment

Product usage introduction

1. clean the face
2. massage and remove horny
3. Mix the serum to the needed concentration(unusually 3:1). High concentration nurture should dilute by 5:1 or higher to avoid blocking the spray gun. Make the well-mixed essential absorbed into the cup of the spray gun, and make the lid covered.
4. Make the eyes of the customer closed. Put the spray gun stick to the skin gently and then press the button and drawback slightly to spray the nurture out. Start from the mandible and move upside.
6. Repeat for several times at the speckle or black eye part. The whole treatment will take about 15 minutes. After spraying, massage 10 minutes.

Choose one of the following Four packages:

1.Oxygen Machine Basic Kits

3.Oxygen Facial Machine Package 2-Luxury kits

oxygen facial machine(1piece)+Oxygen Injection(1piece)+ Nasal oxygen cannula(1piece)+Power Cord (1piece)+filter(1piece)

4. Oxygen Facial Machine Package 3-salon kits

oxygen facial machine(1piece)+Oxygen Injection(1piece)+ small oxygen mask(1piece)+Power Cord (1piece)+filter(1piece)


1. What's the main function of this machine ?

Anti-acne, Skin clean, Anti-wrinkles.

2. What is the suitable places of this machine ?

Spa/Salon/Beauty center/Beauty shop/Beauty clinic use.

3. Whether your quote included the mask ?

Our quote will not include the mask, now we can supply 2 kinds masks, dome mask and common small mask, both of them are optional.

4. Can you supply beauty accessories to match this machine ?

Yes, besides the machine, we also can supply spray gun, spray injection, masks and oxygen headset tube with favorable price,welcome your inquiry.

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Skin Rejuvenation,Skin Mouisture,Skin Tightening,Facial Clean,Dead Skin Removal,Anti-acne

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Face Washing Brush

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Mainland China

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