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Turmeric Body Scrub Soften Cutin Skin Brightening Moisturizing Sea Salt Exfoliating Pore Cleaning Smooth Face Anti-Acne 220g

1- Turmeric body scrub has been formulated with turmeric, shea butter, bergamot extract, and lemon grass essential oil, which means that it won't clog pores and nourish skin well. Turmeric naturally helps reduce hyper-pigmentation, encourages bright, even skin tone, and helps to clear acne scars. Meanwhile, the lemon grass aroma helps relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.
2- Fine particles are more tender than other frosted particles, and can dissolve in water to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, making skin soft and smooth without hurting your skin

Apply to wet skin and gently massage in a circular motion, focusing on rough areas. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

Package Size: 77*77*74(mm)

Net Weight: 220g / 7.8oz

Shelf Life: 3 Years

Package Included: 1pcs / Turmeric body scrub

Skin problems affect beauty

1. Dull skin 2. Dry and rough Skin dehydrated 3. Acne horny Unhealthy skin

The skin has hardened keratin, the melanin deposits in the joints, and the pores of the arms and thighs are relatively large. You can use it to improve the areas that are uncomfortable to the touch.

Main Ingredients

1. Turmeric root powder: It has a strong moisturizing effect, it can moisturize the skin while exfoliating the keratin, and protect the skin from sunlight damage.

2. Dead Sea Salt: Using Dead Sea mineral salt, no chemical substances harmful to the human body are added, and it contains up to 21 mineral elements from the four seas.

3. Butter: It moisturizes the complexion, revitalizes and nourishes the skin.


Tumeric,Jojoba Oil,Essential oil

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Turmeric Body Scrub



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Mainland China

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Scrub & Bodys Treatment

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One Unit

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