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Smart Posture Corrector Strap Adjustable Posture Corrector Back Waist Support Spine Brace Belt Back Postural Trainer Unisex

Type 1 Features:

1.Using a three-axis position sensor, the Al algorithm accurately recognizes and correct the wearer's posture.
2.When a bad posture of the wearer is detected, it will vibrate to remind.
3.You can freely set the angle from 5 to 50 degrees according to your age and physical condition.
4.The count of bad postures will be recorded. The Flash main control chip has a memory function, and the data will not be lost when the battery is exhausted or turn off.
5.The elastic strap adopts a movable buckle design, has strong adhesive force and super flexibility, easy to adjust and not easy to fall off, better fitting the body.


Material: ABS+PC+ Nylon
Size: 110*80*15mm
Weight: 80g
Input: 5V/1A
Charging Time: About 1.5 hours
Charging Interface: MICRO USB
Battery: 500mAh

Packing list:

1* Unisex Back Trainer
1* USB Charger Cord
1* User Manual

Type 2 Features:

1.Made of food-grade silicone material, it is light, durable, soft and skin-friendly, not easy to deform, fitting the curve of human body and comfortable to use.
2.Record your posture accurately, monitor your posture in real time, intelligently perceive incorrect posture and vibrate to remind you, and help you correct unhealthy posture such as hunchback scientifically and effectively.
3.It helps to correct the wrong body posture of the back and shoulders, improve hunchback, develop correct body posture, protect eyesight and reshape beautiful curves.
4.Small size, light weight, easy to carry around, and help you correct unhealthy body posture anytime, anywhere.
5.Suitable for all kinds of occasions, such as work, study, walking, reading, etc., to fundamentally help you solve posture problems.
6.USB charging design, charging for two hours, battery life up to 10 days, so that you don't need to charge frequently.

Material: ABS+ nipple grade silicone
Color: black
Age: Children over 4 years old
Charging voltage: 5V
Rated power: 0.6W
Operating current: 0.12A
Net weight: 70g
Product dimensions: 12.5*11.9*13.8cm
Packing: 16.5*13*3.6cm

Packing List:
1* Host
1* USB Charging Cable
1* English User Manual
1* Packing Box

Number of Pieces

One Unit




Bone Care


Composite Material

Model Number

Smart Posture Corrector

Brand Name



Mainland China

Item Type

Braces & Supports



function 1

Smart Posture Corrector

function 2

Correction Belt

function 3

Electric Back Reminder

function 4

for Adult Child

function 5

Sitting Posture Hunchback

function 6

Smart Sensor Orthosis

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