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Fashion color blockbuster
After layers of screening, the current popular colo

Everyone can hold it easily.
lt's compact ,light and easy to hold. Holding it for a
long time won't make your arm sore.

The interior structure is like the internal structure of a watch

Not only the fuselage, but also the internal structure
is as precise and reliable as a clock

High-speed motor

With a rotating speed up to 3200 rpm, the 60 W high-
wattage motor delivers impressive power tothe fasciagun.
It penetrates deep into the musclegroups and breaks
down lactic acid instantly, offeringcomfortable experience

massage gun

Four types of massage heads to suit different muscles

Wake up your boby Energize your muscles

Frequency of vibration
900 -3200 rpm

It's suitable for relaxation of pectoralis major,
waist, back, legs, hips, shoulders and neck.

Mild press
6 mm deep massage is comfortable for everyone
Compact yet powerful Enjoy ultimate relaxation

With compact and light design, the massage rids
you of fatique and offers a new level of relaxation

It supports multiple charging methods.Charging is more flexible than ever.

It can be charged by mobile phone chargers or power banks through a USB dongle.

Material:ABS+Silica Gel
power:125W max
Finish:Vivid red. Black,Jade Green. Light pink. Milky white
Size (with screen):138*145*48mm
Size (no screen):148*145*48mm

Rated power: 24W
Rated frdquency: 50HZ
Charging voltage: 5V

Type:lithium battery
Battery voltage: 7.4V
Battery volume: 1800mAh





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fitness massage vibrators for men women gift

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Massage & Relaxation



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Mainland China

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